World of Whore Craft

In case you were wondering whether or not World of Whorecraft has anything to do with the massively popular game World of Warcraft - we are here to tell you that yes, in fact, it does. By the title of this set of games, you can already guess that they are focused on porn within the World of Warcraft universe that is abundant with magical realms and strange creatures, all waiting to fuck each other in new and exciting ways.

World Of Worldcraft Universe

World of Warcraft is an MMORPG, meaning a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, which tells you most of what you need to know about it. In this game, you choose a character for yourself, and you get to select between races such as orcs, trolls, humans, dwarves, elves, and others. You decide what type of skills or abilities your character will have. The most common ones are mages, warriors, and priests, but there are many more available.

With this character, you set out to explore the world of WoW. Fantasy settings are vast and very detailed, and the storyline promises literally countless hours of fun. On your journey, you will encounter other fantasy creatures, some of which are NPCs (non-player characters), and some of which are controlled by other players. You get to form alliances, get to know others who share the same passions and you, and some even engage in roleplaying within the World of Warcraft universe.

Needless to say, it is evident why this game has become so insanely popular. Everyone likes to take a break from the stresses of everyday life and dive into something entirely different. The World of Warcraft is so wonderfully immersive that you won’t even notice how much time has gone by because you’ll be busy completing your quests, upgrading your gear and unlocking new areas of the map.

WoW But With Porn

Now, given that this is such a fantastical world, it is no surprise that it sparks the imagination. In World of Warcraft, you get to meet all kinds of characters and all kinds of creatures and monsters, and it is natural to sometimes ask yourself, “Huh. What would happen if this huge orc wanted to fuck this tiny dwarf lady?”

This is where the World of Whorecraft comes in. Thanks to the dedicated creators of these fantasy porn games, you will now get a whole new set of visuals to enjoy while you’re jerking off, all of which are so authentically designed, they might as well be created by Blizzard Entertainment itself.

One important note here is that you don’t actually have to play or even be familiar with the original World of Warcraft to enjoy its porny counterpart. All that’s required of you is to have a preference for human and non-human creatures fucking in a variety of magical and otherworldly settings, and you’ll be able to enjoy these games for days on end!

So, what exactly is included in the World of Whorecraft?

Elves And Monsters

You will get to see a night elf bent over by an orc, a glory hole type setting where characters get to stick their dick in a wall and fuck whoever happens to be chained on the other side, torture chambers, monster-sized cocks, orgies and group sex, lesbians sharing a dildo, and so much more.

The characters you will meet are mostly hot, tight elves with pointy ears and glowing eyes, but there are also options to fuck some less attractive creatures, such as orcs and dwarves. There are even examples of female elves getting fucked by non-humanoid creatures.

Gaming Modes And Partner Selection

In the World of Whorecraft, you get to choose the mode of your gaming, whether you want it to be erotic, hardcore, or really extreme. We advise starting with the erotic at first, and then gradually building up to extreme, where the kinks will have you cumming in record time.

At the very start, you also get to choose the partner you first fuck. There are four options, and our favorite is definitely Kim, the purple-skinned elf with long hair cascading down her back just begging to be pulled hard. The games usually include leveling up of some kind, so once you pass level one, you can easily change up your partner and opt for something a little more perverse than a standard humanoid race.

The style of World of Whorecraft is the same as the one found in the original game. Everything is created in 3D, with outstanding attention to detail and high-quality renders. The movements of the characters are lifelike, and you will particularly enjoy the way round asses and tits bounce and jiggle when you slap them. There is nothing more satisfying than watching a firm yet juicy ass take in a cock and move as it’s pounded into over and over again.

Hardcore Fetishes

Beware that these games are a bit on the hardcore side. You won’t find any vanilla sex here. We’re talking chains and whips, humiliation and inflicting pain, as well as dom and sub dynamics. However, if you are interested in seeing someone’s stomach getting deformed from a monster cock ramming into them, then the World of Whorecraft is definitely the place to be.

In the membership area, you will find even more games that will have you reaching for your cock even though you have already cum at least a couple of times. The World of Whorecraft provides entertainment in a multitude of sexy scenarios. You get to explore dark, witchy homes, dirty dungeons, magic forests, cliffside cottages and many more places that your characters can easily fuck in.

With all of that being said, what are you waiting for? Simply click through the first few questions and select your preferences, and start playing! The World of Whorecraft makes it easy for you to play with one hand on your mouse and another one on your dick, so you don’t have to worry about how you’ll do both at the same time.

If you’re hungry for hot elf babes taking in monster cocks, don’t hesitate to dive right into this fantasy World of Whorecraft and see all the pleasures it has in store!

Review Pros

  • Non-Human Creatures
  • Fantasy Settings
  • Detailed Rendering
  • Hardcore Kinks

Review Cons

  • No Non-Fantasy Scenarios

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