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Dive into the naughty, harsh world of the Wild West and witness what it’s like to fuck a real cowgirl by playing West Sluts games! This selection is centered around the Western genre, where the deserts are vast, the dust swirls in the air, and gunslingers run amok. If you’ve always wanted to stick your dick in a hot girl wearing nothing but a cowboy hat and a gun holster around her hips, now is your chance!

The Wild West Era

This particular fiction genre originated in the second half of the 19th century, in what was known as the American Old West. Stories in Westerns focus on a specific gunslinger or a cowboy who is stereo-typically dressed in a cowboy hat, a bandana, a vest, a pair of pointy-toed cowboy boots and who doesn’t leave the house without his revolver or a rifle. Cowboys ride horses, protect their land and cattle from trespassers, and there is almost always, without fail, some type of a crime committed in the course of the plot.

Even though Westerns reached the height of their popularity somewhere in the 1940s and 50s, you can still see a couple of movies set in this genre even today.

But this begs the question, do real cowboys and cowgirls exist?

Of course they do!

In certain areas of the US, there are people who own ranches, who breed cattle, who require people skilled in riding horses and tending to everyday chores. However, these modern-day cowgirls and cowboys are pretty different than their predecessors. They might wear a cowboy hat, but their outfits are more like something you would be wearing on a regular basis. They usually don’t carry weapons and they certainly aren’t in charge of bringing rogue criminals to justice.

Wild West Sexiness

That being said, the Westerns of the olden days do spark the imagination, don’t they? These movies were filled with feisty women dressed in layered skirts and with their tits pushed up and presented to the world in one hot busty package. The women were usually in the roles of tavern owners, whores, or perhaps widows that were desperate to make the hero feel good, even for a single night.

Additionally, there were some ladies who were gunslingers themselves. These were particularly delectable, wearing the standard cowboy vests and spurs and wielding a revolver around.

It’s completely natural to contemplate how these heroines would look naked, bent over a bar and fucked senseless. After all, their bodies are fit, firm, and brimming with raw need. We still haven’t seen a single Western female character without big, bouncy tits.

Well, this is exactly where West Sluts games come in! These are designed to make your every Western fantasy come true, from ravaging a tavern whore while her fellow sluts watch to forcing yourself on a cowgirl who doesn’t even know how much she wants your cock in her mouth. Yet.

Choose Your Role

West Sluts is abundant with games set in the Wild West, where you get to choose which role you want to play. You can be the local sheriff, an outlaw who’s on the run, or perhaps you can be a bounty hunter who is in charge of bringing in the most wanted criminals. With each new game, you can easily switch your role to a different one, so you get to try them all and decide which one you like the best.

West Sluts offers interesting stories and easy gameplay. You can just point and click your way through them, meaning that while one of your hands is on the mouse, the other can pump your cock without a problem.

All of the titles that you see in West Sluts are designed in 3D. The scenes are realistic, from dust-filled alleys to all-wooden bars, to cramped sheriff offices and even dirty jail cells. The ladies on offer for you have strong personalities and even stronger thighs, and they will eagerly spread them open the moment you say the right thing.

Game: Shoot Em Up Sluts

Our personal favorite West Sluts game is the one titled Shoot Em Up Sluts. In this story, you get to play the protector of a small Wild West town that has been run over by outlaws. There are three levels, and your job is to shoot the required number of outlaws to pass each level. Once you do, you are rewarded with three enticing porn scenes where you get to fuck three different cowgirls.

The first one gives you a blowjob, with her innocent eyes looking up as she takes your whole cock into her mouth. You get to fuck the second one against a wall, with her tits out and hands scrambling for purchase, and the third cowgirl will ride you as a token of gratitude for saving her little tavern.

The only downside to West Sluts that we can tell is that the games don’t offer any hardcore kinks. There is rough play and some aggressive sex, but if you are in the mood for something more ‘out there’ in terms of fetishes, then perhaps you should look elsewhere. Other than the Western aesthetic that these games come with, the fuck scenes themselves are pretty tame.

However, that doesn’t mean that West Sluts isn’t a good place to jerk off to when you want to relax with something easy and familiar. Simply choose which cowgirl you want to fuck, complete a simple mission to earn your prize, and then fuck her until both of you cum! She on the screen and you in the comfort of your chair, of course.

Final Thoughts

Much like the Western movie genre, West Sluts offers a variety of stories for countless hours of fun. These high-quality playthroughs come with hot cowgirl babes begging to be used, and, if we’re being honest, the little missions you have to complete beforehand are fun as well. The games are essentially little action plays with a lot of porn in between, and if that sounds just like your type of entertainment, then don’t hesitate to enter the site!

Even if your preferences lie in more eccentric corners, West Sluts can offer a decent warm-up to get you hard and going before you move on to something more hardcore to help you wrap things up. Hot cowgirl babes won’t let you down!

Review Pros

  • Excellent 3D Render
  • Hot Cowgirls
  • Wild West
  • Interesting Gameplay

Review Cons

  • Tame Sex
  • No Hardcore Kinks

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