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VR Fuck Dolls is a game site like no other. It offers high-quality content in so many different porn categories, not to mention special treats and kinks scattered like delicious candy for you to find. In this selection, you will be greeted with hot girls getting fucked in every hole and every possible position, with tame, expected scenes but also those that are more hardcore. There is even a celebrity character or two (or three!).

The title of this website is VR Fuck Dolls, and there are some good sides to that and some bad ones.

Virtual Reality Hype

VR is short for virtual reality, the up-and-coming technology that is rapidly taking over not only the gaming industry but many others as well, such as architecture and design, digital marketing, healthcare, education, and more. VR allows you to be transported from this mundane world into one where all of your fantasies come true. Whether you want to fly a plane, help save the world from an army of sentient robots or perhaps build a spaceship, virtual reality is the place that can make it happen.

It stands to reason why VR will effortlessly fit in with the porn industry as well. When this type of hardware develops enough, there’s no telling what scenarios you wouldn’t be able to try out, what people you wouldn’t be able to fuck and in which ways. Once VR becomes mainstream, it will revolutionize sex games as we know it, and there will probably be a good number of people who won’t ever want to leave this fantasy world of endless pussies.

Now, you will notice we are talking about some vague future moment here. The truth is that VR still hasn’t developed enough for us to fuck virtual chicks as much as we want, and this is why VR Fuck Dolls doesn’t actually include VR games.

Standard And Hardcore Games

However, that doesn’t mean you should feel discouraged! VR Fuck Dolls may not be the virtual reality porn you’ve been hoping for, but it does carry a selection of incredibly realistic games that you won’t be able to get enough of. They aren’t built for VR, but they are built for you to jerk off to day after day if you so desire.

VR Fuck Dolls offers an incredible variety of playthroughs. You have the standard ones, where you get to fuck a doctor in her office, a school teacher in her classroom, a personal trainer at the gym and so on. These are great for warming up and getting used to the gameplay.

After, you will encounter some more extreme fetishes. If BDSM is your thing, we recommend the game BDSM Discipline, where you get to fuck a latex-clad babe hard and fast. You have the option of slapping her face, her tits, her ass, and even whipping her pussy, which is something you want to save for the big finale.

Rough Playthroughs

If you enjoy rape fantasies, there are plenty of fictional babes waiting to be kidnapped, bound and gagged and stuffed full of cock. VR Fuck Dolls has games that feature dirty dungeons, dark rooms and chains, as well as so many sex toys that you will be trying them out for hours. There is no lack of rough sex when it comes to these storylines.

Speaking of rough, have you ever tried monster porn? With VR Fuck Dolls, you can venture into the fantastical world of gigantic cocks and innocent chicks crying as they take them, their stomachs getting deformed on every thrust. Watch as trolls and orcs twice and three times the size of their partners mercilessly pound into women and don’t forget to unzip your pants in the process, as you will get hard in mere seconds.

Famous Characters

Within the member’s area of VR Fuck Dolls, there are a couple of titles that represent porny versions of famous characters and plots. You may run into the Game of Whores or the World of Whorecraft or any number of Overwatch porn games this site has in store. In these stories, you can choose which characters to fuck, whether you want to watch Daenerys suck a dick or if you prefer Cersei getting fucked in the ass. Elves are fucked by monsters, famous Overwatch characters like Mercy and Pharah are used and abused, and there is an abundance of blowjobs, footjobs and any other porn jobs you can imagine.

2D Cartoon Porn

All of the games we mentioned so far are designed in hyperrealistic 3D. However, if 2D is more your thing, there is a wide range of cartoon porn games to choose from as well. VR Fuck Dolls gives you the opportunity to see famous toon ladies such as Marge Simpson, Lois Griffin, Kim Possible and Disney Princesses fucked every which way, in any type of setting. There is even a dash of that tantalizing family play, where you can see Bart fucking his sister Lisa or Chris Griffin thrusting into his mother Lois.

Of course, if you ever fantasized about those young, tight Disney Princesses, VR Fuck Dolls offers the chance to finally witness those fantasies in action. Our personal favorite is Pocahontas riding a dick in the forest and a threesome between Belle, Jasmine, and Tiana that you can’t miss out on.

Countless Subcategories

Along with everything we’ve laid out here, you will also find race-specific porn, like curvy black women, cute Asian girls, as well as gay and lesbian-oriented sex. Shemales are also a significant category, and if you like watching girls with dicks fuck each other, you should try out one of the hottest games in this section called My Roommate.

There is no end to sexual adventures that VR Fuck Dolls has in store. Even if these are not true virtual reality games, you will still be transported into whole new realms, fantasy or not, where there is nothing but depravity, sex, pussy juices, and orgasms.

Don’t forget to lock the door before you click on the website, and get ready for countless hours of porny fun with VR Fuck Dolls!

Review Pros

  • Various Kinks
  • 3D and 2D
  • Celebrity Characters
  • Endless Options

Review Cons

  • Not Actual VR Games

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