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If you’re bored by seeing the same old porn scenarios over and over again, why not give Violent Sex Games a try? This selection of games is exactly what it sounds like - a website filled with extreme, rough sex and storylines that will make you hard as a rock in a blink of an eye. Here women get used and abused in hundreds, if not thousands of different ways, and you not only get to witness it all behind your computer screen, but you get to control it at the same time.

Violence in sex is all about power play. There is a submissive person, who is forced to bend to the will of the person in charge, and the person in charge gets to decide what sexual acts are performed and in what ways.

Two Types of Violent Porn

Violent porn can be divided into two categories.

First is the one where both parties consent to violent sex. The dominating person gets off on being controlling and doling out punishment, while at the same time the submissive person gets off on being humiliated, hurt, and degraded in a number of different ways. The well-known porn category of BDSM is like this, where even though it may not look like it on the outside, both parties get their rocks off from being in these different roles.

However, there is also another side to violent porn, and that is when one or more of the characters is there unwillingly. Rape fantasies, for example, are abundant with these types of scenarios. Girls get snatched off the streets or from their own homes, tied up and gagged and then fucked repeatedly, in different positions and different holes, despite them getting no pleasure out of it. There is something truly delicious in watching a girl cry and struggle while she’s being fucked senseless.

Safe Exploration

While non-consensual violent sex in real life is against the law, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy these aggressive situations while you’re playing online games. Violent Sex Games is established precisely for that purpose! It is a place for people who lean towards more extreme kinks to explore them without hurting anyone in the process, and all in the comfort of their own home. We honestly can’t think of a more fitting way to engage in your favorite guilty fantasies.

So, let’s spare a few words on what you’ll find in Violent Sex Games.

BDSM Scenes

We mentioned BDSM and consensual violent sex, and there is certainly plenty of that here. Women are dominated, completely bound and strung up, and then played with in a variety of ways. In some BDSM games, you get to choose what toys you want to use on your sex slave, in which holes, and how hard and fast you want to fuck her. There are many different positions on offer, and each one is covered from multiple angles so you get the best view in the house.

BDSM games are not only limited to heterosexual partners, however, as you will also find games that feature two men or, better yet, two women playing the roles of the dom and the sub, which opens a whole new door to this amazingly rough world.

However, on the other side of the coin, away from the relatively safe practices of BDSM, Violent Sex Games also offers truly violent and truly extreme storylines.

Rape Fantasies

When it comes to rape fantasies, there are no limits. In these online sex games, you get to kidnap girls, throw them in basements or dungeons and then have your way with them while they plead for you to let them go. They shake in fear while you touch them, while you shove your fingers or a range of complex toys into their pussies and assholes, and you also get the option to gloriously cum all over their asses, tits or faces, depending on the game.

There are options where you get to break into a home of a girl and then fuck her hard and fast in her own bed. She tries to resist and to break free, but you are the stronger one, and there’s nothing she can do to escape your cock.

Within the rape category, there is a special subcategory that includes rape in fantasy settings. These are not your run-of-the-mill scenes we mentioned above, but include creatures such as elves and witches and princesses, and orcs and trolls and a variety of other monsters.

Monster Violence

The beauty of fantasy rape is that you’re not limited just to human on human sex. In Violent Sex Games, you can also choose a monster to fuck a girl, to make her scream and ruin her every hole. Huge, disgusting orcs can use their slit tongues to lick pussies before stuffing them with their oversized dicks, and there are even non-humanoid creatures that like to fuck cute little girls. These include robots and machines of various kinds, as well as tentacle monsters, which is a special category of monster sex that you shouldn’t skip. Tentacle porn in particular promises mind break and gloriously cum-filled finales.

Allowing you to completely immerse yourself in these violent sex games is the video game quality that is second to none. All of the games are done in 3D, and 3D babes you get to rape and abuse are incredibly realistic, right down to their hard nipples, pink pussies and the bruises around their wrists. Each time you slap a chick, it leaves a mark on her skin, and you are sure to love the detailing here.

Aside from the visual aspects, there is also the sound to complete your experience. These girls are desperate, and they beg and scream and whimper and cry, and you get to hear all of it through your headphones (or speakers, if you’re feeling brave). While you’re playing, literally all of your senses are stimulated, as though you’re living through the scenarios personally.

Having said that, Violent Sex Games promises a world of brutal fun, and we urge you to have a taste as soon as you can!

Review Pros

  • Rape Fantasies
  • Aggressive Sex
  • Monster Sex
  • Multitude of Scenarios
  • Realistic Visuals

Review Cons

  • Only Rough Play

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