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In case you ever wondered what Marge Simpson or Lois Griffin looked like in the buff, Toon Sex Games is here to answer those questions for you! With this set of thrilling playthroughs, you get to witness all of your favorite childhood 2D characters in all sorts of compromising positions. It’s safe to say that, after venturing here, your childhood will be effectively ruined. However, your mental porn library will gain a whole new section of material for jerking off to, so it’s not that much of a loss anyway.

Animation Porn History

When it comes to animation and porn, the two have been closely linked pretty much from the moment animation was born, in the early 20th century. The first kinky cartoons came out in 1924 and 1929, and the adult public was delighted to receive another way to broaden their porn horizons and explore this entirely new world of sexual pleasure.

If you’re curious, the first porn cartoon featured a disembodied penis and testicles chasing a woman before finally fucking her, which was then, a bit nonsensically, followed by a cartoon mouse fucking a cat. It’s safe to say that even back then people were into weird types of erotica.

This is precisely why you shouldn’t feel awkward about having fantasies about the cartoon characters you used to watch as a child and/or as a teen! Humans are sexual beings and as such, we are curious about the world around us and often like to see it through a porn lens, especially if we’re bored and with nothing better to do.

Hot Fictional Babes

Contemplating the color of Kim Possible’s nipples or picturing Snow White getting fucked by a dildo are just natural byproducts of our active imagination and our need for sexual release. The beauty of this is that all of these characters are fictional. Even though their official content is (mostly) safe for children, you are doing no harm by fantasizing about them in your head. After all, some of these characters (hello, Disney Princesses!) are simply too hot not to imagine naked and spread wide.

Sources for cartoon porn and toon sex games are endless. Any artist with a modicum of skill can draw a sex cartoon and upload it to an NSFW-friendly website for the public to enjoy. There are countless fan artists out there who specialize in specific fandoms and churn out image after image of different characters fucking, sucking dick or doing any other deliciously dirty thing. Some of these artists even do it for free!

Accurate Toon Styles

However, it takes a special kind of talent and hard work to accurately mimic the original style of the cartoon you’re making into porn. This is where Toon Sex Games excels. This set of games will offer you nothing but the highest quality of art, with all of the original cartoon styles carefully replicated. You won’t be able to tell the difference between a porn cartoon and the real thing - that is, until the porn characters start stripping and reaching for those sex toys.

While you may be after a specific cartoon style here, it is important to emphasize that Toon Sex Games is the home to porn versions of toons such as The Simpsons, Family Guy, Futurama, Kim Possible, Disney, Scooby-Doo and many more. Here, you won’t find any hentai or anime porn, and you won’t find any complex 3D renders, as 2D is the choice of style for all of these lovely options.

Set Preferences And Choose Kinks

So, what exactly awaits you in Toon Sex Games?

We hope that you always wanted to see cartoon characters getting fucked against a wall, an animated lady fucking another with a strap-on, sexy lingerie, public sex, outdoor sex, threesomes, and really any kinky scenario you can think of. These run-of-the-mill categories all get a special flavor once they involve the animated characters you used to watch when you were younger.

Once you enter Toon Sex Games, you get to set up some of your preferences. You answer questions of who would you prefer to fuck, Marge Simpson or Lois Griffin, and whether or not you’re into aggressive play, domination, female submission, extreme sex, group sex, fantasies, and more. These are just to assess your taste and offer you the best selection of games possible.

During playthroughs, you will have a chance to fuck pretty much any cartoon character you can think of. There are the ones we already mentioned, but you also get to see Pocahontas riding a dick, a threesome between Belle, Jasmine, and Tiana, Kim Possible giving a footjob at school, Chris Griffin fucking his mom Lois, Bart Simpson fucking his mom Marge and other scenarios you will gladly jerk off to.

Extreme Scenarios And Hentai

In case it wasn’t obvious, in Toon Sex Games there are some more hardcore kinks, such as incest, rape fantasies, the use of sex toys and similar, but none are too extreme. For tentacle porn, monster dicks and animal sex, you will have to turn to hentai, because there’s really nothing as perverted as hentai.

However, if you’re willing to rediscover your favorite fantasies and dive into this sexually charged universe of cartoon characters getting their rocks off, you will have an absolute blast playing Toon Sex Games!

Tantalizing Titles

You will find titles such as Lois Doggy Style, Arabian Dream (from the Aladdin universe), Wonder Woman: Anal Fuck (yes, there are comic girl games as well, did you think they were going to leave out the sexiest and most badass ladies out there?), Belle True Story, Lois And Donna In Trouble, and many, many more. Toon Sex Games promise you hours and hours of fun, easy to play games that will have you stroking your dick in seconds.

So, what are you waiting for? All you have to do is enter the site, answer some simple questions to get you started, and you’re all set for spending most of your day browsing through sexy cartoon babes getting it on. Take a look around at everything Toon Sex Games have to offer, and you certainly won’t walk away disappointed.

Review Pros

  • Authentic Toon Style
  • Fun Playthroughs
  • Hot Cartoon Babes
  • Hours of Fun

Review Cons

  • No Extreme Kinks
  • No Hentai

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