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Thanks to the deliciously porny world of Sex Slave Games, now you also get to experience what it’s like to have someone completely at your sexual mercy. Without actually hurting a real person in the process, that is. Sex Slave Games allows you to use, abuse, and play with any number of different women, and you wouldn’t believe the variety of actions you can perform on your best-behaved slaves.

Your Favorite Fantasies In One Place

While in real life sexual slavery is against the law, thanks to this wide selection of slave porn games, nothing is stopping you from indulging in your favorite fantasy. You get to witness women bound and gagged and strung up on ropes and chained to walls and beds and any number of alternative settings. They’re scared and crying and your job is to force them into submission and ‘break them in’ so they will bend to your every whim.

In Sex Slave Games, you get to play some regular storylines, like finding yourself in a dungeon with a tied up babe with her tits and pussy out and a range of toys to use on her, but you can also find your fair share of fantasy games.

There is nothing hotter than having a large, hideous monster with a gigantic cock ramming into a girl who can’t escape, making her unwillingly cum over and over again. These fantasy scenarios also include helpless princesses who think they can buy their way out of slavery, sexy elves whose magic can’t help them anymore, and a whole range of well-built and firm-assed fantasy ladies that you won’t be able to get enough of.

Hentai Slaves

A special genre of slave games is hentai slave games. These are inspired by the famous Japanese anime style and are essentially anime toons with porn flavor. Hentai is short for ‘hentai seiyoku’, which means ‘perverse sexual desire’. The hentai slave games you will encounter here are definitely that.

Not only are the innocent anime girls crying for mercy, but they are also used in several enticing ways. One of our favorite scenes is a girl bound to all four corners of a bed, legs and arms spread wide. As the slave owner, you get to lick her pink, dripping pussy, to fuck it with your fingers or a sex toy, and to ultimately stick your dick inside of her and pound into her until you reach your climax.

When it comes to Sex Slave Games, the sky is the limit. There are even scenarios that include female slave masters who abuse female sex slaves, and that in itself is a sight to behold. A scene that stands out is that of a busty blonde tied to a post and gagged with a gag ball while her master fucks her with a strap-on from behind. We’re sure that you won’t be able to forget that one for a while.

Advanced 3D Design

We did mention how there are hentai titles to choose from, but rest assured that there are more realistic styles as well. In fact, most of the slave porn games are done in 3D, which is a huge plus in our book.

The reason for this is that the 3D scenes in Sex Slave Games are done incredibly well. So well that you’d suspect one or more of the famous game design companies are behind them. The facial expressions are spot on, there is even texture to the skin, the hair, the clothes, and don’t even get us started on the realistic shots of dicks sliding into pussies and asses and shooting cum all over large tits. Truly, when it comes to the visual aesthetic, nothing can beat the Sex Slave Games.

Easy Game Time

In terms of gameplay, the vast majority of titles are simple point and click games. When you’re playing something as hot as this and all of your focus is on how your slave flinches when you whip her ass, no one needs complicated controls to distract them. Your gaming time and jerking off time will go uninterrupted, as it will be easy to go through the game with just the use of the mouse.

If you’re worried whether or not these types of games are appropriate or somehow ‘allowed’, we’re here to assure you that you have nothing to be concerned about. Sex Slave Games do depict aggressive sex, rape fantasies, group sex, as well as some other types of unconventional porn, but they feature only fictional characters. As such, you’re not hurting anyone by getting your rocks off to fucking a 3D girl with the handle of your whip, and you should just relax and enjoy the ride.

The hot, unforgettable things you experience in Sex Slave Games are only between you and your computer.

Choose Your Own Slave

Once you click the link to the website, you will be asked a couple of questions. These are meant to ensure that you are okay with the type of content you will find in the games, and to ask you about your preferences. You get to pick a starting slave, and it’s honestly not easy to choose between a completely naked brunette wearing a collar and a leash and a red-hair that has her wrists firmly tied behind her back. The important thing is, whichever one you choose, you can easily switch slaves later on.

Not only that, but you can also accumulate more than one slave through your gameplay, and return to your favorite ones whenever the mood strikes you.

If you were just getting bored by all the vanilla porn content that is out there, the Sex Slave Games is here to the rescue. It will provide you with hours and hours of hardcore storylines, making your every fetish come to life. Don’t forget to browse through the monster slave sex, the hentai slave sex, and the BDSM slave sex categories as well.

There isn’t a single title in this collection that will leave you indifferent, and we guarantee that you will love looking through the different scenarios and seeing what kind of brutal joy the next click brings you. So sit back, kick your feet up and pull your dick out, and enjoy!

Review Pros

  • Hot Sex Slaves
  • Hardcore Kinks
  • Monster Sex
  • Hentai Sex
  • Realistic Visuals

Review Cons

  • Only Rough Sex

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