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Right at the start of your experience with the Sex Simulator, you will be warned that this site contains material so extreme that it might be disturbing. Don’t worry! You’re in the right place. Or at least, you’re in the right place if you like hot, steamy sex, a variety of fetishes, and if you don’t shy away from rough fucking or some hardcore storylines here and there. No matter where your preferences lie, the Sex Simulator will provide you with the ultimate masturbating experience.

What exactly does a ‘simulator’ mean? Is this what you think it is, a place where you get to simulate sex with another person? Or with a computer-controlled character?

Build Your Fuck Buddy

The answer is yes to both of those questions. The Sex Simulator allows you to build your own partner. Before you enter the site, you will be asked a series of questions that will help you create your first fuck buddy.

You have to answer the question of your gender, as well as what gender you would like your partner to be (there are options of male, female and transgender). Not only that, but you also get to define the age of your partner, whether or not you want them to be a teen, an adult or even mature (shoutout to all of you grandma-loving folks out there). And finally, you can also make a rough selection of what body type your partner will have. Whether they are thin, slim, fit, or chunky, whether their tits are big or small or their dick average or massive (if they have a dick and/or tits, that is).

Don’t worry about getting the ‘right’ answer here. These are all just a taste of what happens afterward. In the Sex Simulator, you will have the option to fine-tune the look and personality of your partner, as well as to change them altogether if you so desire. Throughout the game, you will be able to dress them up or dress them down however you like and outfit them with a wide range of clothes and costumes that you unlock along the way. We have to admit that one of our favorites are glowing space suits with openings in the ass and crotch area, so that you get a sci-fi feel when you’re fucking your partner in a range of different settings.

Open-World Gameplay

The beauty of the Sex Simulator is that there are no limits to your imagination or what you can do with your partner. This animated person is entirely fictional and built to suit your tastes and your tastes only, and thus you can have your way with them however you want.

You can be in a relationship with them, fuck them in every room of your house, from the bathtub to the bed to the dining table. You can take them outside and have them suck your dick in the car, fuck them on a campsite, in the doctor’s office, in a classroom, at the library, wherever you want.

Nothing is stopping you from testing out kinks you perhaps don’t have the opportunity to try out in real life. Thanks to the Sex Simulator, you get to have a threesome or a foursome or an entire orgy, you get to fuck your partner while an audience watches, you get to play with them using sex toys, you can even be rough with them all you like.

Rape Fantasies

We talked about being in a relationship with your virtual partner, but the Sex Simulator allows you to go more aggressive without making you feel guilty in the least. Here, you can abduct your partner, bind and gag them, force them into submission. You can take them to a basement, to a dungeon, chain them up against a wall and make them perform various sexual acts for you. You can use whips to inflict pain, you can humiliate and degrade your partner and basically have them crying and begging to be released as you fuck them.

When we say everything goes, we truly mean that in the Sex Simulator everything goes.

Player On Player Action

But what about real people? Didn’t we say at the beginning that you can also have sex with real people?

Points for remembering. In the member’s area of the Sex Simulator, you have the option to level up from fucking NPCs. Here, you will encounter avatars of real people, real players just like you who are there to have a good time.

All rules that apply to the computer-controlled part of the game also apply here. If you hit it off with another player, absolutely nothing is preventing you two from getting it on right then and there. Simply talk through your kinks and likes and dislikes, and start having sex! It’s as easy as that, and there’s a special kind of thrill knowing that, while you’re watching your two avatars fuck each other, the person on the other side is likely also masturbating to the same scene.

Outstanding Graphics

In terms of the game quality itself, everything in the Sex Simulator is rendered in 3D. The world, the backgrounds, the objects, the characters - everything is done in such detail that you will be left in awe. The entire experience is so immersive that you wouldn’t possibly want to come back to the real world, and we wouldn’t blame you.

Who would want to return to the land of stress and responsibilities, when you can live in a place you get to fuck hot chicks all the time, like in the Sex Simulator?

In this groundbreaking game, there are no fees and no hidden costs. Trying it out is as simple as clicking on the website, answering the starting questions to get you set up with your first partner, and rolling from there. Don’t forget that, if you get bored of the standard gameplay, you can always venture into the member’s area to meet people who like fucking as much as you do.

Set aside at least a couple of hours in your day for the Sex Simulator, because the fun really never stops. In order to try everything out, you will need days, if not weeks, and so you best start as soon as possible! Enjoy!

Review Pros

  • Realistic Scenarios
  • Customized Partners
  • Multiplayer
  • Everything Goes

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  • Might Be Complex

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