Sex Emulator


If you’re bored by the usual video clips and porn pictures you click through on a daily basis, why not spend an hour or two in the Sex Emulator?

It sounds like we’re offering you a spot in a virtual reality setting, a contraption where you put on a headset, perhaps lie down in a gamer-like chair and explore an entire world in your mind. While this is unfortunately not the case (yet), the Sex Emulator is a revolutionary platform in its own right.

It is an open-world type game that allows you to fulfill all of your wildest fantasies when it comes to sex. In the Sex Emulator, you can fuck whoever you want, however you want, and trust us when we say that you won’t want to leave this game any time soon.

The Concept

‘To emulate’ means ‘to imitate’, and this is exactly what happens once you enter the Sex Emulator. This universe offers an imitation of real life, with some porn flavor thrown in. While in real life you would find it hard to fuck any person you approach in any given situation, the people in this game are a lot more open to experimenting. The Sex Emulator is all about living your best life, and that includes getting pussy at every corner if you so desire.

The premise of the game is that you choose your character. You get to define their gender, their appearance, body type, right down to the finest details. We appreciate the ability to adjust the size of the boobs (from small to massive), as well as the size of the ass and the dick, if your character has one. (Even if you’re building a seemingly female character, the game allows you to put a dick on her, meaning you can play a shemale without any problems.)

Your character gets a name, clothing and costume options, and they’re pushed off into the great unknown, a setting of your choosing. You get to pick whether you’re interested in a standard world such as the one we’re living in, or if you prefer fantasy, with castles, magical forests and all sorts of unusual creatures.

Porn Opportunities

Any person you encounter is free to get fucked or to fuck you, whichever one you want. The Sex Emulator has it all: heterosexual relationships, girl on girl action, gay porn, shemale on female, shemale on shemale, you name it. All your character has to do is go up to the NPC, start a conversation, and choose dialogue that will give them the most chance of getting into the fictional person’s pants.

As for the fetishes you can explore: there are no limits. No, seriously, any kink you can think of, the Sex Emulator has it.

You can start with the standard ones, such as picking a whore off the street and fucking her in the back of your car or having a party girl suck your dick in a dark corner of some club. If you make a doctor’s appointment, chances are you can bend your doctor over her desk, and if you visit the gym, you can try out a wide range of positions on the equipment while you fuck the brains out of your personal trainer.

These are all fun and interesting, easily getting you hard, but if you’re looking for more extreme scenarios, the Sex Emulator has your back here, too.

From BDSM To Monsters

As any porn platform worth its salt, the Sex Emulator also comes with its fair share of BDSM playthroughs. You can search for NPCs (computer-controlled characters) that have an inclination for humiliation, torture, pain, whips and similar, and you can easily arrange an entire role play with them. Slap that girl across the face, over the ass, the tits, whip her pussy. Make her choke on your cock, squeeze her neck, fuck her while she hangs suspended from the ceiling.

If you prefer to be a sub, all of this and more can be done to your character, while you sit back and leisurely jerk off to these scenes.

For those who are into more violence and less consent, BDSM can easily evolve into bringing to life a rape fantasy. Your character can choose their target, kidnap them or break into their home, and fuck them while the target struggles and screams to be let go. Power play is an important feature in the Sex Emulator, and you can test its limits as much as you’d like.

We can’t forget the fantasy version of the game we mentioned earlier. Here, you get to do all of this but also have the opportunity to fuck other species. Elves, dwarves, orcs and trolls and a wide range of other humanoid and non-humanoid creatures - choose to spread them open or have a monster cock pound into your character over and over. The options are truly endless.

Player On Player

In the member’s area of the Sex Emulator (free of charge!), you have the opportunity to meet other players who’ve come to have some porny fun just as you did. Your character can talk with theirs, flirt with them, and before you know it, you can have virtual sex with a real person.

Arrange the details of your roleplay beforehand or simply go where the heart (and the dick) takes you. There is no goal to the Sex Emulator. There are no winners or losers. Rather, the most important thing here is that you live out your deepest, darkest desires and that you get quite a few orgasms along the way.

The Sex Emulator is easy to set up and even easier to play. There are no complex controls, no hidden fees, and the design quality is out of this world. Thanks to this amazing 3D experience you no longer have to bother deciding what you’ll be doing in your free time. Simply open up the Sex Emulator, start up your game and get ready for some good old virtual fucking!

Review Pros

  • Open-World
  • Everything Goes
  • Tame Kinks
  • Rape Fantasies
  • Customizable Characters

Review Cons

  • No Cons

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