Real Adult Sex Game


A game that offers you maximum customization, the Real Adult Sex Game may have a cheesy title, but it promises porny adventures as you’ve never had before. In this game, you will meet hot girls designed to fit your tastes, and the beauty of it is that you can fuck them any way you want, in any setting you desire.

Let’s see what awaits you when you enter the Real Adult Sex Game.

Choose Your Setting

At the very start, you get to pick between three scenes: the school, the beach, and the nightclub. Don’t worry, these are not the only choices you will have in the game. This is just the starter pack, and the more you play and the more points you gather, the more scenes will be unlocked.

Once you’ve settled on the type of scenario you’d like in the Real Adult Sex Game (our favorite being the school, because who doesn’t want to slide a dick into a tight, young pussy in the middle of a classroom), you move on to choosing your first partner.

Partner Customization

The starting girls are Akame, Sakura, and Ralli, and each one is more beautiful than the last. They’re either seductive and pouty, cute and innocent, or serious and meaning business. In the Real Adult Sex Game, you get to choose the hair color of your partner, as well as the size of her boobs, from small to massive.

A special touch is how you can choose the number of tattoos and piercings she has. Either go with none, some, or a lot, depending on your personal preference.


Once you choose your ideal first partner and setting, the fun starts! You get to talk to your partner, and through choosing the right dialogue options (which is incredibly easy), you loosen her up and make her relax more. She allows you to touch her, kiss her, slide your hand up her skirt - oh, is she not wearing panties?

In the Real Adult Sex Game, you get to do all kinds of things to your partner, from fingering and pussy eating, to having her suck your dick, to fucking her in all holes and all positions you can imagine.

The best part is, once you get bored with the story you chose, you can go back to the start and create a brand new one! The fun never stops in the Real Adult Sex Game!

Review Pros

  • Fully Customizable
  • Rewards
  • Multiple Porn Scenes
  • Countless Storylines

Review Cons

  • No Extreme Kinks

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