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The home of a very specific kink, Pregnant Sex Games offers a peek into the world of swollen bellies and horny future mothers waiting for you to fuck them raw. In case you don’t have the opportunity to fuck a pregnant lady in real life (because let’s face it, not many people do), this place is perfect for you to come in, sit back, and jerk off to these big, eager girls bouncing on cocks.

The Pregnancy Kink

While there haven’t been any definite studies conducted on why certain people prefer fucking pregnant women, there is something to be said about primal instinct. Humans are sexual creatures, programmed to reproduce, and thus fertility is a big part of our subconscious mind, whether we’re aware of it or not. Seeing a visibly pregnant girl, with her round belly and her heavy breasts, awakes a primal urge in any man, and we can’t blame you for wanting to indulge in these fantasies.

Not to mention the detail that pregnant ladies are notoriously horny. Their pussies become juicier, and the bigger they get the more they want to be fucked as the result of the powerful hormonal cocktail their bodies are producing.

And let us tell you, there are no hornier pregnant girls than in the Pregnant Sex Games.

Game Set-Up

Before you enter the site, you will run into a questionnaire that has the purpose to gauge your tastes and your fetishes, so you find only the best game options once you come inside. You answer the questions of your age, gender, what kinks you like, whether you’re okay with aggressive sex, rape fantasies, group sex, and similar.

At the very start, you get to choose your sex partner. You can define her appearance, the color of her hair and the size of her breasts. A neat feature here is that you can also decide how far along she will be; whether she is barely showing, or if she’s already near her due date. Once you enter the Pregnant Sex Games, your previously customized partner will be waiting for you in multiple storylines carefully curated to fit your preferences.

Selection of Storylines

The Pregnant Sex Games comes with a wide variety of playthroughs for you to select from.

First, there are the standard options. You’re the husband happy to fuck his pregnant wife; you are the husband happy to fuck his pregnant mistress; you are the doctor fucking his pregnant patient; you are the neighbor who likes to shove his dick into your pregnant neighbor’s mouth. These are so-called ‘real-life’ scenarios, and most of the titles in the Pregnant Sex Games fit this description. They’re easy to play and provide decent jerk-off material.

However, if your tastes are leaning towards the hardcore, you should definitely dig a little deeper and not hesitate to check out the more extreme titles.

In the Pregnant Sex Games, you don’t have to be nice to your pregnant fuck buddy. You can slap her, whip her, spit on her, shove her around. You can bind her any way you want, strap her to a wall, to a table, clamp her nipples and her pussy. In a dungeon-like setting, a BDSM game lets you inflict pain on the pregnant girl, make her whine and scream and even let her get fucked by a fucking machine.

The beauty of this site is that all of the pregnant women you’re using (and abusing) are fictional, and thus you don’t have to worry whether or not you’re hurting anyone.

Violent Scenarios

While pregnancy is usually associated with a happy time in one’s life, in these Pregnant Sex Games, nothing is stopping you from playing a game or two that is a little less joyful.

If incest is your thing, watch how a father fucks his pregnant daughter, or how a son impregnates his mother. Siblings shouldn’t be having children, but you can even play a game where you’re the brother making a baby with your sister.

In these games, pregnant women can be raped and tortured, used for all kinds of experiments, and you get to control all of that.

Lactation and Birth Kinks

Don’t be surprised if, while you’re fucking a heavily pregnant chick, her large breasts start leaking milk. With the pregnancy kink usually comes the lactation kink, and if you’re the one who likes watching white milk dribble from erect nipples, the Pregnant Sex Games will quickly become your favorite online spot. Before you ask, yes, your characters definitely get the opportunity to suck on those leaking breasts, drinking all the milk.

Along with the lactation comes the possibility of birth. In some of the games, you get to fuck a woman right on her due date, or near it anyway, and you may even induce a birth. This is especially true in the games where the pregnant woman is raped or abused in any way. If the sight of pussies stretching open as the woman is struggling to push a baby out is what gets you off, make sure not to skip these games.

Celebrity Characters

Lastly, in the Pregnant Sex Games, you may run into a familiar face or two. Famous fictional characters such as Lara Croft, Elsa from Frozen, and any number of female heroes from Overwatch can also find their way here, knocked up and ready to spread their legs open for you. You may even find yourself fucking into a pregnant Daenerys or Cersei if you choose the right game.

Pregnant Sex Games promises hours and hours of titillating gameplay. Watch enormous breasts spill over round bellies, fuck big pregnant ladies as they beg for more cock. Be rough with them, fuck them from behind or against a wall or even outdoors, risking someone coming along the path and catching you.

These games come with not only high-definition visuals but also simple point-and-click gameplay and sounds that will make your head spin. Each pregnant babe comes with her own set of moans and cries, and if you don’t want anyone walking in on you, make sure to plug in your headphones before you begin your adventure.

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Review Pros

  • Huge Tits
  • Round Bellies
  • Lactation Kink
  • Birth Kink
  • Impregnation

Review Cons

  • Only Pregnant Chicks

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