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If you’re tired of the same old vanilla sex scenarios and wish for something more extreme and definitely more ‘out there’, why not try Monster Sex Games? This title holds exactly what it says it does - a wide range of games that involve hot ladies fucked by all kinds of monsters in all kinds of brutal yet thrilling ways. Let go of the same old tropes and scenes and embark on a completely new adventure where monster cocks rule.

So, what exactly is monster porn, anyway? What constitutes a monster?

Well, there are several different ways of answering this question, but we will do our best two describe the two main categories of monsters you may encounter in Monster Sex Games.

Humanoid Monsters

First, we have the humanoid group of monsters. These are creatures that look like people, at least in their general shape. Their anatomy is similar to that of humans, meaning they have two arms, two legs, some kind of a head and a face, and, of course, a cock.

The difference between humanoid monsters and actual humans is their size. Monsters are larger in every single way, either with bulging muscles or bellies that sag over their dicks. And by larger, we mean - two, three times or more larger than their female partners.

Naturally, their dicks are larger, too. If you like watching innocent human pussies pounded by gigantic cocks, then you are definitely in the right place. Humanoid monsters are hideous, with ugly faces, scaly skin, and a general aura of dirt, depravity, and nothing but the need to rape and abuse.

This is exactly what makes them so exciting to watch in porn scenarios.

Beast Monsters

Another category of monsters you will see in Monster Sex Games is the non-humanoid ones. You may run into a huge spider with a cock that is intent on fucking a princess or a horny wolf who starts fucking a desperate chick doggy style and drools all over her in the process. Or, and this is a fan-favorite, you might find a more intense scene where the monster has tentacles.

Tentacle porn is an exciting subcategory of monster porn that will have you reaching for your dick at once. What is better than watching a girl get fucked in every single hole and then filled up with so much cum she cries from it? If you’re serious about your monster inclinations, you will give the tentacles a go.

While monster sex may fall into the category of extreme kinks, something that you don’t exactly see every day, it is absolutely not something you should feel awkward about. We all have our preferences and fetishes that we jerk off to on a regular basis, and monster sex is no different. There’s a special kind of pleasure in watching two anatomically-incompatible beings getting it on.

Game Set-Up

So, what can you expect once you venture into Monster Sex Games? We can promise you a wild ride and at least two orgasms per game because the stories are just that good and the porn is just that hot.

At the very start, before you enter the site proper, you will be asked a few questions. They are simple and easy and there to help configure what games will work for you the best. The questions ask you about your gender, about which partner you would prefer out of the two provided (a tattooed warrior-type lady with huge boobs or a helpless girl next door with a firm ass in tiny shorts), and whether or not you are okay with aggressive sex, group sex and/or extreme kinks. Once you answer all of these, you get to play the monster sex games.

Fantasy Scenes

You will see ogres, trolls, and orcs of various sizes shoving their hands down women’s panties, pushing them face down onto the nearest surface and fucking their brains out. One of our favorite scenes is when a disgusting orc starts running his long, snake-like tongue over a crying woman’s neck just before he thrusts his giant dick into her. In Monster Sex Games, women are fucked from behind, against gates, chained up on walls, in nature, in dungeons, in fighting arenas.

Given that monsters are fantasy creatures, all of the scenes you will see in Monster Sex Games include a fantasy setting of some kind. There are gladiator women who get fucked when they lose, either by a towering giant with a cock the size of the woman’s leg or by a dog-like creature who fucks hard and fast. There are innocent princesses raped in their palaces, then witches ravaged in forests, surrounded by magic trees and forced to suck dick until they choke.

Game: Green Destroyer

One of the most popular monster sex games is called the Green Destroyer, and it involves a Hulk-like monster intent on fucking a girl with big tits. In the game, you play as the monster and have to destroy the car where the woman is being held. By using the keyboard, you control the precision of the monster’s punches, and whenever you break through a new level of the car, you are rewarded with a fuck scene.

The first scene includes the monster shoving his dick down the woman’s throat, the second scene is him fucking her while standing, and there is also a scene where she rides him reverse cowgirl style, with her pink pussy on full display as it slides up and down the monstrous green cock.

All of the Monster Sex Games are rendered in 3D. Their quality is amazing, and we are particularly in awe of the detailed facial expressions and how the bodies move realistically. The scenes have rich backgrounds, and the outfits and armor on the characters themselves are superbly designed.

It doesn’t matter if you already know you like watching monster sex or are just curious about this yet-unexplored area of porn. Monster Sex Games will provide you with countless hours of fun and masturbation-material, and you will find that it’s easy to return to them whenever you have a bit of downtime.

So don’t waste a single second in trying these out and diving deep into the world of horrible creatures fucking beautiful, unsuspecting women. Your dick will certainly be grateful for it. Have fun!

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  • Monster Dicks
  • Extreme Size Difference
  • Animal Sex
  • Hardcore Scenes

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  • Monsters Only

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