You haven’t experienced the best of porn games until you’ve tried the Life Selector. With such an unassuming title, you might think this is nothing special, but trust us when we say that your entire porn-consuming life will be turned on its head.

The Concept

In Life Selector, you first start off by choosing your character. You can be whoever you want to be: a fireman, a policeman, a wealthy executive, even something as silly as a gardener.

Your character then goes through life as usual, doing his job, running errands, and similar.

While going about his day, he will encounter a wide range of hot babes willing to interact with him. And when we say interact, we mean, willing to spread their legs for him. By choosing the right dialogue options, you get to navigate these interactions, and if you play your cards right, you’ll be fucking a hot girl in no time.

Live Action

The best thing about Life Selector is that this isn’t animation. This isn’t 3D or 2D, but rather, you get to watch real people, real women as they suck your dick, squeeze it with their tits, or take it up any hole you want. It’s interactive porn, for lack of a better description, which puts it at the top of our list of things to spend our free time on.

Once you get to the actual fucking, you get to choose the poses you want to try. Have her ride you facing you or reverse cowgirl style. Ask her to choke on your dick, pull her hair, choose the part of her body you want to cover with cum.

If at any point you change your mind and want to try something else, simply go back to the actions menu and pick again! It’s that simple, and it provides you with hours of fun.


It’s hard to believe that an intricate, porn-filled game such as this one exists, let alone that it’s free! Life Selector is a breath of fresh air in this porn game industry packed with the same old repetitive storylines.

There’s no time to waste: click through to the website, choose your character, and start fucking real women in a blink of an eye. Enjoy!

Review Pros

  • Live Action
  • Story Customization
  • Interactive Porn
  • Endless Fun

Review Cons

  • No Cons

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