Grand Fuck Auto


If you’ve ever wanted to play Grand Theft Auto but with porn, thanks to Grand Fuck Auto, now you can! Enjoy driving fast cars, dodging the police, and picking up hot chicks so that you can fuck them hard and fast once you find a safe hideout. Grand Fuck Auto is everything you ever needed out of the famous GTA franchise, now wrapped up in a neat, pussy-filled package.

Game Style

Grand Theft Auto is a series of games with an open-world kind of setting. You play as a specific character and embark on missions to further the story, but you can also complete side quests if you’re not so interested in the main gameplay. These include action and adventure, stealing cars, third-person shooting, racing, going undercover, and more. While GTA doesn’t lack in hot women willing to help you out on your missions, it doesn’t feature any explicit content.

All of that is about to change with Grand Fuck Auto. Modeled on the originals, Grand Fuck Auto features all the porny scenes you wished you had while playing the classics. You can get a girl to suck your cock while you’re driving away from the police, a hot babe in a leather corset to spread her ass open for you, and a busty babe to give you the tit fuck of your life.

You also have some elements of BDSM and rough play, and there’s an especially delectable scene where a girl is completely tied up and at your mercy, and you get to play with her however you want. You can fuck her with your fingers, stick a variety of toys inside of all of her holes, and, of course, fuck her yourself later on.

Aside from the porn, you also get the classic GTA features such as racing against time, trying to evade the police, and wreaking havoc on the streets of the city you happen to be in.

Action And Porn

While you’re completing missions in Grand Fuck Auto, you will need to use the keyboard to drive the cars and navigate through the city streets, but rest assured that you will have an easy time clicking through the porn scenes. You can keep your hand on your cock while you fuck the hot 3D babe with the use of your mouse, so you get a smutty reward every time you complete a mission.

With this porny incentive, we don’t understand why anyone would want to play the real thing ever again. Grand Fuck Auto is every bit as detailed and as high in quality as the original games, and you wouldn’t be able to tell it wasn’t made from the same company. The women are insanely hot and eager to lick your dick, and you can force the ones who aren’t willing into submission anyway. After all, your character is always carrying a gun which serves as a great means of persuasion. Take some time off work, turn on your favorite action game with some porn thrown in, and enjoy hours and hours of Grand Fuck Auto fun!

Review Pros

  • GTA-Like Gameplay
  • Hot 3D Chicks
  • BDSM Elements
  • Authentic Look

Review Cons

  • Not Only Porn
  • Sometimes Complex Gameplay

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