Gay Simulator

If you’re craving some male on male action and are eager to see a hot dude fucking another hot dude, then don’t miss out on the Gay Simulator! This wonderful selection of gay sex games will have you reaching for your dick at once, and you won’t be able to stop pumping until you cum as you’ve never had before! There’s nothing like a little man love to help you relax after a long, stressful day.

Gay porn comes in a wide range of subcategories and kinks. These can be divided by the type of activity performed, and the type of men who perform them.

Gay Porn Types

The classic gay sex is all about anal sex. Add a bit of lube, slick up the hole, and fuck your partner until both of you are spent. However, Gay Simulator offers much more than that. You don’t have to limit yourself just to the standard old fucking in the ass. In these games, you get to enjoy all the other kinds of pleasures as well.

There are scenes of oral sex, with hot guys choking on dicks, then of frottage, where two dudes rub their dicks together, as well as mutual handjobs, and even rimming. If you enjoy eating ass, you will enjoy the games in the Gay Simulator. As the title itself says, this collection provides only the best simulations of gay porn available.

In terms of the types of men you will find here, there is a variety. You can enjoy two burly, hairy men fucking each other, as well as combinations of hunks and twinks. Our favorites are the scenarios where a twink is getting railed by a muscular or otherwise larger dude.

Top Or Bottom

Since gay sex is defined by roles, you will find these in the Gay Simulator as well. At the very start of the experience, before you’re even presented with the choice of games, you will be asked a couple of questions. The purpose of these is to gauge your tastes and preferences and to make sure that you’re met with the titles that suit you the best.

This is why one of the first questions will be whether you prefer to top or bottom. The top in gay sex is the man who is doing the fucking, while the bottom is the one who is receiving the fucking, so to speak. If you find that you don’t know which one you prefer, or if you’re a switch - meaning that you equally enjoy both - then you can choose either one and then change it later on. Nothing is stopping you from opting for another role whenever you feel like it.

Realistic Simulation

Do you have to be gay to enjoy the games in the Gay Simulator?

Absolutely not.

You don’t have to be gay or even to be a man in order to have fun playing these. Like with any other type of porn, what you like and what you watch doesn’t necessarily have to reflect your real-life preferences. There are plenty of women who get off on watching gay men fuck each other, even though in real life they wouldn’t want to be a man having sex with another man. If gay porn is what gets you hard, there’s no reason you shouldn’t indulge in it, regardless of your own sexuality and gender identity.

The beauty of the Gay Simulator is exactly that - it is a simulator. None of the characters you meet in the gameplays are real, and thus you aren’t hurting anyone by fantasizing about these fictional men and their sexual escapades. So, sit back, relax, unzip your pants and scroll on down to read what awaits you when you enter this dick-filled site of men loving men!

Create Your Partner

As we mentioned earlier, the Gay Simulator asks you about your tastes at the very beginning. You get to choose your role, as well as the build of your partner. These body types go from twink to average to muscular. You can also decide on the cock size of your partner, whether you want him to have a small dick, an average one, or if you want him to be hung.

There is a large number of scenes and settings that you will encounter. You can have a hot surfer riding your dick in the shallows, you can have your dick sucked by a fantasy warrior, you can even engage in some fun handjobs with your best friend in the locker rooms. There is truly no end to the countless storylines the Gay Simulator provides.

Game Series: Gay Dreams

The most popular series of games can be found in the members’ area. This series is called Gay Dreams, and so far there are three games available. In Pizza Delivery, you get to fuck a hot young pizza delivery boy. In Private Services, your partner is a rich businessman whose TV you came over to install, and in Perfect Negotiations, you have the opportunity to fuck your future business partner.

The one feature we would single out in the Gay Dreams series is the sounds. Make sure your speakers are on as you jerk off because the moans and the breathy gasps will certainly bring you over the edge.

2D Sexy Guys

All of the games in the Gay Simulator are done in 2D. Some have that classic comic-book style we’re used to, but there is also a vast majority of games available in the anime style. The anime dudes you will run into have wild hairstyles and colors, and they are all absolutely jacked. You will find yourself appreciating the male form and all of its little details for hours on end from how high the quality of these games is.

So, don’t hesitate to start your gay adventure now! The Gay Simulator offers you the best of the best when it comes to homosexual erotica, and if this is what you like to imagine while you’re jerking off, then you have definitely come to the right place. If you’re not home alone, make sure to switch from speakers to a pair of headphones, and dive into this sexy world of ripped bodies and enticing moans game after game.

Review Pros

  • Hot Dudes
  • High-Quality 2D
  • Anime and Regular
  • Sexy Plotlines

Review Cons

  • Only Male on Male
  • No Hardcore Kinks

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