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There’s really no simpler or more straightforward way of getting your rocks off than playing Free Sex Games. We can’t even begin to describe what type of kinks wait for you on this website, from the standard porn scenarios to BDSM play, to monster porn, cartoon porn, shemales, furries - you name it, Free Sex Games has it. Get ready to spend hours and hours playing these games that will get you off faster than anything ever did before.

Let’s be real, porn games are everywhere. You can do a simple search and find dozens, if not hundreds of sites that offer a large variety of XXX games available. So, what makes Free Sex Games so special?

We should start at the top.

Variety Of Titles

The foundation of Free Sex Games are the stories you see often. Some of the basic titles are Fucked Up School, where you’re a teacher who gets to fuck his college students, then Help Me Doctor, where you get to fuck your busty shrink in all of her holes, Going All The Way, where you’re a boyfriend who finally gets to nail his blonde bombshell of a girlfriend. These may not be too exciting, but they’re a great way to warm up and get you hard.

After that, you can move onto other, more interesting playthroughs in Free Sex Games. This can be Grand Fuck Auto, a game that is a play on the famous Grand Theft Auto. Here, you get to drive fast cars, pick up chicks, evade the police and then fuck the chick however you want. It can also be Call of Booty, where you play a first-person shooter game similar to Call of Duty and are rewarded with juicy porn scenes. There are also titles that are plays on the famous fantasy games and genres, such as the World of Whorecraft and the Game of Bone.

In the Game of Bone, you get to fuck any number of hot leading ladies from the Game of Thrones, including Cersei, Daenerys, and Margaery Tyrell. This game belongs in the Free Sex Games section that features celebrity characters, as well as famous fictional characters.

2D And 3D Toon Porn

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to fuck Elsa from Frozen, Lara Croft, Elastigirl from the Incredibles, any number of female heroes from Overwatch (hello, Mercy!) and others, now you get to experience that in these incredibly accurate renders of famous people and characters. The quality of these free sex games is so good that you will easily think they were created by the official studios.

Aside from enjoying your fair share of 3D celebrity people, you can also enjoy 2D cartoon porn that comes with all of the famous characters you loved as a kid. Free Sex Games offers a glimpse into the home of the Simpsons, where you get to witness Marge stripping for Homer, Lisa fingering herself while she’s studying, Bart fucking Marge, Bart fucking Milhouse’s mother, principal Skinner bending over Marge’s sister and similar scenarios. The same goes for characters from Family Guy, Kim Possible, Disney, and Scooby-Doo. One of our favorite games involves Disney Princesses Jasmine, Tiana, and Belle having a threesome. You can’t miss out on Jasmine eating Belle out, as that’s an image to come back to whenever you can.

In terms of familiar universes, we also can’t forget comic book characters or superheroes. Free Sex Games has titles such as Mutant Orgy, where Wolverine gets to fuck, then Gotham Sluts, Hard Knit Rises, Wonder Woman: Anal Fuck, and similar. Your favorite superheroes are people, and as such, they like to have an orgasm once in a while. Why not help them by playing a game where they get to fuck and you get to jerk off to those kinky scenes?

Hardcore Kinks

Speaking of kinky, you shouldn’t skip the hardcore section of Free Sex Games. There you will encounter BDSM, rape fantasies, gang bangs, incest, shemales, and monster porn, among others.

BDSM Discipline is a game that is a true fan-favorite. In it, an innocent girl ventures into the world of BDSM for the first time, and you are there to educate her about it. Dress her up in a latex bodysuit with a face mask, slap her tits, slap her ass, slap her face, whip her in any body part you want, including her pussy, and then fuck her until she’s shaking. At the end of the game, she will be grateful for the eye-opening experience you provided her with.

For the true lovers of all things perverse and out of the ordinary, there is nothing more exciting than girls with dicks fucking other, regular girls. Free Sex Games offers a large variety of gameplays with this theme, as shemales are becoming more and more popular every day. Watch how a shemale fucks her best friend in the ass, in the pussy, how she spurts cum all over her face and tits. If you don’t mind the unusual anatomy, shemales provide a whole new world of erotic content.

Magic And Monsters Included

Lastly, we mentioned monster porn, and this is really where the magic happens. Literally, these are magical, fantastical worlds where orcs, trolls, and disgusting giants of all kinds shove their massive dicks into naive girls half their size. This is where mind break happens, where body compatibility doesn’t matter, and where you witness the most bizarre yet arguably the hottest scenarios available.

As we promised at the start of this review, Free Sex Games has it all. There is no corner of the porn industry left unturned by this vast selection of games, and you will surely find something of interest no matter what you like to masturbate to. Simply take the time to answer the questions on the landing page, choose what kinks you’re into and what type of sex you prefer, and get ready to start your happy hour.

Of course, you will need many more hours to even scratch the surface of Free Sex Games, but you’re not in a hurry, right? Start your porn-filled adventure now, and never search for another porn game site ever again. Enjoy!

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