In Dick Dolls, you will find something a little more unusual - women with dicks! That’s right, if you find yourself tired of the same old lesbian scenes where they play with each other using fingers and tongues and sex toys, why not spice it up a little? The next step would be introducing chicks with cocks for girl on girl action that is beyond next level.

Shemale Definition

The correct term for women with dicks, at least in the porn industry, would be shemales. These are persons that appear female to the average onlooker. They are beautiful, they are hot, with big boobs, curvy bodies and everything you’d expect out of a chick you’d want to fuck. The trick is that shemales, while appearing female, also have a dick attached to them. Surprise!

Shemales are not only a thing of fictional porn games, however. They also exist in real life, as there are people in the transgender community who might look like a female on the outside but, in fact, might be walking around with a cock in their panties.

However, whether or not they exist in the real world shouldn’t be of any importance to you. Dick Dolls games are all about the fantasy and the sweet, sweet pleasure of watching two animated girls getting it on before one girl pulls out her dick to fuck the other. The appeal of the shemale kink is precisely in its strangeness, in how weird and kinky and entirely unexpected it is.

Fuck Or Be Fucked

The human brain is a curious, sexual thing, and therefore it is completely natural to want to get off to the sight of two shemales fucking each other.

Which brings us to the main feature of Dick Dolls. Here, you will get to choose whether you want to play as the giver or the receiver. Meaning that you can choose whether you want to fuck or to be fucked.

In some games, there are even examples of shemales who not only have a dick but a pussy as well. One of our favorite scenes features a solo female with two types of sex organs. She gets to stroke her dick and finger her pussy at the same time and then cums like no other person we’ve ever seen before. We guarantee that you will be coming hard right alongside her.

Some more options for you to set up are whether or not you prefer to play games by yourself or in multiplayer mode. Then you get to choose a starting partner for yourself. The two girls on offer are Justine and Christy.

Justine is a feisty blonde with an undercut and a fishnet bodysuit through which her pink nipples are poking out. The bodysuit has an opening in the crotch area to let her huge cock hang out. Christy, the other partner option, is a dark-haired bombshell with huge tits and her hand on her leaking dick that she can’t wait to stick inside another girl.

Easy And Fairytale Games

In Dick Dolls, the kinks never stop. You can choose between more easygoing games, the classic scenarios such as two female friends exploring new sexual activities involving actual dicks, then blowjobs, handjobs, threesomes, two shemales switching positions (where it doesn’t matter who is the giver and who the receiver) and more. You will witness one blonde babe with big tits ramming the pussy of another, and there might be some fantasy elements involved as well.

If you’re into more fairytale scenarios, Dick Dolls also offer fantasy females with dicks, such as elves, witches, fairies ,and others. These fuck in palaces, in magical forests, in caves, and there is even one enticing setting that includes a dungeon, whips, and chains.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for basic shemale action or would like to partake in something more brutal - Dick Dolls has it all.

Extreme Details

All of the games that you will encounter are designed in 3D. The quality is top-notch and you won’t miss a single detail. Nipples are hard and perky, pussies are wet and shiny, and dicks are life-like in everything from their anatomy to the way they shoot their load. If you choose characters with large tits, you get the privilege of seeing those tits bounce as the girl is fucked by the dick of her female friend, and if that isn’t a sight to jerk off to, then we don’t know what is.

It is understandable if you feel a little overwhelmed by the sheer number of titles available. This is why we would like to recommend one of the most popular Dick Dolls games, but also one that is at the same time deserving of its popularity.

Game Title: My Roommate

The name of the game is My Roommate. In it, you play a young (hot) girl who has just wrapped up her last year at college and is moving out of her dorm for good. Her roommate, a banging red-hair, is sad that they’re parting ways, as the two have become the best of friends during their studies.

However, there’s a twist! On that last morning at the dorms, you discover that your roommate and best friend, in fact, has a dick! The emotions of surprise and curiosity are amazingly depicted, and it’s not long before your character grabs her friend’s dick and the real fun starts.

In the porn scenes, you get to stroke the red-hair’s dick, to slide your mouth up and down its length, and eventually, the shemale fucks her friend’s pussy as well. You control the speed of the sex, and you can also switch between several different angles of the same scene for the ultimate 360 experience.

If you’re wondering where to start, My Roommate would be a perfect choice. After that, you can move on to some other less extreme titles before you work up to the hardcore kinks.

Dick Dolls is a world where ladies with dicks are everywhere, and ladies who want to get fucked by these dicks are willing to spread their legs wide open. As a character in any of these games, you get to explore this particular fetish to your heart’s (and your cock’s) desire, seeing as you are guaranteed hours and hours of thrilling gameplay.

Review Pros

  • Girls with Dicks
  • Shemale on Shemale
  • Various Settings
  • High-Quality Visuals

Review Cons

  • No Male Characters

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