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Here to make all of your cartoon kinks come to life are Cartoon Games, with an incredible variety of characters and universes to take pleasure in! Did you know that the first erotic animations, or sex cartoons, date back to the years 1924 and 1929? Turns out, mankind has been perverted and hungry for 2D porn almost since the moment animation came to life, and so it is no wonder that today we have so much to choose from.

Cartoon Selection

There are countless categories of sex cartoons available for you online. You can get the classic 2D ones that feature a range of characters, from Disney Princesses (it’s a real special treat when you see Cinderella’s legs spread wide and her pink pussy on full display) to Mickey Mouse and Goofy, to other cartoons such as Family Guy, the Simpsons, and more.

A special subcategory of porn cartoons is hentai, a specific type of porn animation that originated in Japan and that has its following. Hentai features kinks you might not have thought of before, and it is the birthplace of widely-popular tentacle porn, as well as lolicon and shotacon, where the main protagonists are underage girls and boys, respectively.

Another subcategory of cartoon sex or animated sex are 3D rendered people (and creatures), however, you won’t find any of these in Cartoon Sex Games.

2D Masturbation Material

Millions of people around the globe are getting their rocks off on drawn characters, whether they are random big-eyed girls innocently licking their first cocks or known faces such as Marge Simpson fondling her breasts and begging for dick.

The reason cartoon sex is so popular is that it is easy to produce and easy to consume. Anyone with semi-decent artistic skills can choose to draw porn and put it out into the world for cartoon sex enthusiasts to enjoy. There is something viscerally satisfying in how 2D people react genuinely to their surroundings, versus live-action porn where you have actors who are limited by a script.

In case you are feeling a bit weird about fantasizing about fictional characters - don’t be! There is nothing wrong with being curious about how your favorite childhood cartoon characters would behave sexually, now that you’re an adult. It is natural to explore this idea and to want to watch or engage with it in any way. There is nothing wrong with a little bit of healthy sexual curiosity!

After all, the beauty of this particular niche is that these characters are not real, and thus you get to imagine them however you want, guilt-free.

Cartoon Sex Games Kinks

So, what awaits you in Cartoon Sex Games? Well, strap in, unzip your pants and get ready for one wild ride! In Cartoon Games, you will get to see your favorite characters from the Simpsons, Family Guy, Kim Possible, and Disney in so many fuckalicious scenarios you won’t be able to get enough. We have Lois from Family Guy getting fucked from behind, Pocahontas riding dick, Bart fucking his sister Lisa, a threesome involving Pocahontas, Belle and Jasmine, Kim Possible giving a footjob and so much more.

At the very start, before you even get to choose a game, you get to set up your preferences. You can pick whether or not you wish to play the victim or the villain, and there is the option of having either Marge Simpson or Lois Griffin as sex slaves. Through playing Cartoon Games, you are greeted with scenes of Bart Simpson fucking Milhouse’s mom and Meg Griffin getting raped on the school floor.

Various Gameplay Types

Cartoon Sex Games offers titles such as Marge’s Secret, Lois Doggy Style, Wonder Woman: Anal Fuck, Belle True Story, Arabian Dream (with Aladdin as the main character), and other delicious options for you to try out. In case you ever wondered how hot a Disney Princess looks when wearing lingerie and swallowing a mouthful of cum, here is your chance to finally find out! (Spoiler alert: it is Very Hot.)

The type of games you will find in Cartoon Games varies. There is a little bit for everyone. You can find simple gameplays where you just click through dialogue and get to enjoy the build-up before a sex scene, where you might be allowed to control the speed at which you fuck the character and how fast they reach their orgasm.

Some games require a bit more effort. In these, you will have to carefully choose your answers and dialogue options, as some might not get you porn in the end. Alternatively, you may have to complete a couple of missions or unlock achievements before you get to enjoy the folds of Marge Simpson’s cartoon pussy.

Extreme Cartoon Porn

Some kinks that await you in the membership area are extreme sex, group sex, domination, various fantasies (including but not limited to forced sex and fun family time), and, of course, famous characters you used to watch as a kid. Girls (and women) that can be fucked - other than the ones we’ve already mentioned - are Elsa from Frozen, Elastigirl from the Incredibles, Velma from Scooby-Doo and others.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to witness a Disney Princess squirting or Marge Simpson giving her husband a striptease. In CartoonSexGames, you are in charge of what happens in the storyline, and you get to decide in what ways and how hard the characters get fucked. Play a villain who dominates their victims, or perhaps opt for the victim role instead and be at the mercy of a hot 2D babe who wants to ride your cock like there’s no tomorrow.

Whether you’re a fan of specific kinks or are just looking for something simple and easy to cum to, CartoonSexGames is the perfect place for you. Satisfy your deepest porn animation desires, and don’t forget to check out the membership area as well, where you are served with even more scenes of depravity and naughty, naughty cartoon ladies. Enjoy hours and hours of sexy fun with CartoonSexGames!

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  • Many Character Options
  • Authentic Cartoon Styles
  • Multitude of Fantasies
  • Hot 2D Babes

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  • No Hentai
  • No 3D Porn

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