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Welcome to the exotic, depraved, and absolutely fantastical world of Banger Lands 3! This is a platform of porn games set in the mysterious and intriguing world of steampunk. Victorian outfits, tophats and lace, frilly skirts and monocles paired with intricate machinery and mechanical body parts, all spiced up with large tits, sex slaves and pussies eager to ride cocks. Once you start playing Banger Lands 3, we are sure you won’t be able to stop!

Introduction To Steampunk

Steampunk is a subgenre of science fiction. It is a combination of the past and the future, with a focus on steam machines and what would have happened in the world if they continued being the main technology available. In the steampunk universe, you will be greeted by 19th-century fashion and architecture styles, where men wear suits and vests and pocket watches and women are laced up in corsets and wear layered skirts.

But you will also come across steam cannons, special steam-powered airships, analog computers and body parts and enhancements made from dozens of cogs, chains, and wheels. Steampunk is a unique balance of the British Victorian era and the American Wild West period. There are gunslingers, prostitutes, taverns and bars and desert-like settings, all backed up by towering steam robots.

Character And Kink Diversity

Banger Lands 3 comes with an assortment of characters to play as. There are hot babes in leather corsets with their breasts on full display, toned bounty hunters who don’t hesitate from riding the criminals they catch, even shemales who enjoy fucking other women right in the middle of packed bars.

This set of games is not for the weak of heart. You won’t find anything tame or vanilla in these titles. Banger Lands 3 has scenes where a tattooed babe is fucked in the ass while an audience watches, group sex on every corner, rape fantasies in all of their forms. And we’re not talking just about the women being raped, here. No, even the men are raped, with a hot chick holding a guy down as she violently jerks him off, or another one tying a guy to a post before riding his brains out.

Violent sex and aggressive sex are everywhere, and if you’re not willing to watch women gagged and bound and fucked within an inch of their lives, then best find yourself a different type of game.

Dick Girls And Tentacles Included

We mentioned shemales, and if hot girls with dicks are your thing, you will find plenty of that in Banger Lands 3. Shemales like to fuck other women wherever they can, be it in public, outdoors, or in private. One of our favorite scenes involves a shemale bending a girl over a bar countertop and fucking her in front of other patrons. Other shemales looking on also take their dicks out and start stroking themselves while they watch, and it is a situation that you can’t miss out on.

Banger Lands 3 is done in 3D, and we’re in awe of the quality. Given that steampunk is all about the aesthetic and the vibe, the backgrounds and outfits are designed perfectly, right down to the last detail. Once you step inside this world of neo-Victorian smut, you will forget about regular porn entirely.

In terms of more unusual kinks, in Banger Lands 3 you will also find its own version of tentacle porn. Here, it is not a tentacle monster that is violating a girl, but rather a robot. It has limbs in the shape of tentacles, and they fill in a hot babe’s every hole, vibrating as they do so, and it’s not long before she is shaking with orgasm after orgasm.

Gameplay and Set-Up

Before you enter the platform proper, Banger Lands 3 will first ask you a couple of questions to check your preferences. You will be warned that the games contain aggressive play, female submission, domination, and similar fetishes, and there are also questions about your favorite things to watch and experience in porn. This is all meant to ensure the best gameplay possible.

In this game, you get to meet and fuck computer-controlled characters all you like, and in the member’s area, you can even engage in sexual acts with characters played by real-life people. Banger Lands 3 is a great way to not only let loose and have some fun (and orgasms), but also to meet like-minded people!

A genre that is fun and a platform that is both enigmatic and filled with porny content, Banger Lands 3 is just what you need to unwind after a long, stressful day.

Review Pros

  • Steampunk Setting
  • Unique Characters
  • Shemales
  • Fetishes Galore

Review Cons

  • No Tame Scenes

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