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In the Anal Sex Games, you get front row tickets to all the hottest, dirtiest scenes of fucking in the ass you can think of. There is nothing better than sliding your cock into a slick, tight hole, and we all know that the anus is the perfect place for that. Not only that, but Anal Sex Games offers a variety of other kinks as well, all related to the beauty of a juicy bottom.

Anal Sex Basics

Anal sex is a favorite of many couples, whether straight or gay, for plenty of valid reasons. There is nothing more exciting than getting to fuck one hole and then another one right after it, without even taking a break. The asshole is tight and provides a mind-reeling feeling, and everyone likes watching as their dick is swallowed by a firm, jiggling ass.

Men like to fuck women in the ass, men also like to fuck other men in the ass. Unsurprisingly, women also like to fuck women in the ass, whether with toys and strap-ons, fingers, or even their tongue. Anal Sex Games provides a fun time for everyone.

In real life, if you’re intent on having anal sex, you mustn’t forget about lube and good ol’ prep. Unlike the pussy, the asshole is not naturally wet or self-lubricating, and so your dick or toy will need a little help before it can be just pushed in. So don’t forget to play with your partner beforehand. Make it hot and heavy, make the fingering and stretching out process something both of you will enjoy.

Classic And Fantasy Settings

Of course, lube is not a problem in the Anal Sex Games. Here, all of the hot babes you will fuck are already ready to go, and all you have to do is stick your dick inside of them.

Here’s just a glimpse of everything you will find in this selection of games.

There are the classic scenarios, such as a hot doctor grabbing your dick during an exam, a beach babe asking you to help take off her bikini, or a hot maid desperate to ride you in your living room. Rest assured that all of the asses presented to you are of just the right roundness and that you won’t be able to stop imagining what it’s like to squeeze them and slap them over and over again.

However, other than these regular settings, there are some fantasy ones as well. Big-bottomed elves wanting to be fucked in magical forests, witches begging for dick beside their potion cauldrons, princesses grateful that you saved them in lavish palaces. There is even a selection of furry characters, and our personal favorite is the option to ass-fuck the hot bunny cop from Zootopia.

Wide Range Of Porn Scenes

Speaking of famous characters, you will find plenty of those in the Anal Sex Games as well. There is a roster of Overwatch characters for you to choose from. You don’t want to skip fucking Pharah, D.Va or Mercy, or even Lara Croft from Tomb Raider. The backgrounds of these porn scenes are so incredibly detailed you’ll feel like you’re transported into another world entirely.

Other than ass-fucking, Anal Sex Games also offers nice shots of handjobs and blowjobs, as well as cumshots and creampies. Hot babes are covered in cum left and right, and in some games, you can even choose where you want to shoot your load, whether on her tits, her face or all over her ass that has been taking you in so good.

Anal Sex Games also provides hot scenes of women giving other women rimjobs, or fucking them in the ass with toys. If girl on girl is your thing, you’ll easily sniff these out and enjoy hours of watching one girl tonguing the asshole of another.

Define Your Tastes

Before you reach the games site proper, you are met with a few questions about your sexual tastes and inclinations. Here, you get to define your gender, choose a starting sex partner and even your dick size. You can select between a small dick, a medium one, a large one, or perhaps a massive cock. (Pro tip: go for the massive to see a tight asshole being stretched out over a monster cock in all its glory.)

In addition to this, you can also choose the breast size for your partner, depending on your tastes. There are options for you to declare what type of fantasies you like, as well as whether or not you’re okay with extreme sex, group sex, domination and female submission.

Anal Sex Games offers plenty of hardcore kinks as well, which include but are not limited to monster sex, BDSM porn, rape fantasies, gang bangs, even incest and examples where fathers fuck their daughters and sons fuck their mothers. In these games anything goes, but regardless of whether you prefer something rougher or something more vanilla, you will find a game that suits your tastes.

Ultra-HD Visuals

The playthroughs themselves are rendered in 3D. The characters are realistic, right down to the texture of their skin and the facial expressions they make. Some of the games have amazing music added to them for improving the atmosphere, while others are abundant with moans and whines of women getting fucked in the ass.

Game: Wonder Woman: Anal Fuck

One of the titles that you can’t miss out on is Wonder Woman: Anal Fuck. It is exactly what it sounds like: your unique opportunity to fuck Wonder Woman in the ass. The premise of the game is that you summon her from your comic book, and then you get to play with her. There are options to finger fuck her mouth, her pussy, and several different positions for you to fuck her in the ass in. Both you and she will sigh in satisfaction once you shoot your load inside of her.

All that being said, it’s time for you to get going! Lock the door to your room, take out your dick and click through to find the first few anal sex games that you will enjoy. Start with something a bit more time and then build up to the hardcore stuff. Cum as many times as you want to the sight of hot babes fucked in the ass thanks to Anal Sex Games!

Review Pros

  • Hot 3D Babes
  • Multitude of Scenarios
  • Various Kinks
  • Celebrity Characters

Review Cons

  • No Cons

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