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Enter the thrilling world of 3D Sex Games and watch how your porn-exploring experience gets turned upside down. After you play only a couple of the titles found in this selection, you are sure to forget about all those other B-rated video hubs and subpar games. The 3D Sex Games offers you hours and hours of tantalizing fun, where you get to discover new and exciting kinks you may never have thought about before.

3D vs. 2D

What exactly does it mean, when something is in 3D?

Simply speaking, D here stands for ‘dimension’, meaning games and video clips done in 3D have one dimension more than those in 2D. You will notice that the characters and objects (and backgrounds) aren’t flat, but rather that they have some depth to them. While once upon a time 3D was state of the art technology that only the wealthiest animation studios could afford, nowadays it has become an industry standard when it comes to any type of entertainment, porn included.

The main benefit of 3D Sex Games is that they are incredibly realistic. These are not some caricatures, some obviously drawn people that look nothing like the real thing. No, in 3D, the scenes, the characters, the actions are as realistic as they come, and it makes the entire experience incredibly immersive.

Types of Kinks

There is no fetish, no setting, no kink left unexplored in the 3D Sex Games. Seriously. Whatever your dirty mind can think of, you will find at least one game related to it in this collection. This can be a good thing, in that you will satisfy all of your deepest, darkest urges, but it can also be a bad thing, seeing as you will have to spend hours playing the games to get through them all.

For starters, you will find classic porn game scenarios. In Fucked Up School, you’re a teacher who gets to fuck his new student in the classroom. In Fun in Amsterdam, you get to fuck a hot babe in a hotel room, then an even hotter babe on stage as an audience watches. In Help Me Doctor, you visit a shrink who helps you get hard thanks to her large, heavy tits that squeeze your dick from all sides.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to standard storylines you’ve seen before. However, while you will have fun going through these and they will help you cum more than once, there are also games geared towards the more hardcore crowd.

Hardcore Titles

The 3D Sex Games doesn’t hold anything back when it comes to extreme fucking. You will encounter games such as BDSM Discipline, where you meet an innocent blonde looking for her first BDSM experience. You will have the opportunity to slap her across the face, on the ass, over the tits, as well as to whip her pussy. You can order the blonde to wear a latex suit and a mask with just a mouth hole in it. She will gladly get down on her knees and suck your cock, and you can fuck her in any hole you’d like.

Even BDSM may be too tame for some people, which is where the rape fantasies come in. Enjoy exerting power over these fictional babes, holding them down, binding their hands and feet and fucking them raw. The 3D Sex Games allow you to take part in your wildest fantasies, regardless of whether or not they’re legal in real life. None of the characters here exist in the world, and thus you’re free to do to them whatever you want.

Speaking of legality, you can also easily find games that involve incest. Family porn is commonly enjoyed by thousands of people across the world, and these 3D Sex Games deliver nothing but the best storylines. Watch how fathers fuck their daughters, how sons shove their dicks into their mothers, how siblings get it on when they’re home alone. We’re sure you won’t be able to get enough of this particular delight.

Fantasy Worlds

The 3D Sex Games doesn’t offer only standard, ‘realistic’ settings. Thanks to the power of 3D design, you can venture into a wide range of fantastical universes, ranging from enchanted forests to sci-fi spaceships, where you run into all types of creatures.

Monster porn is prevalent, because who doesn’t enjoy a massive dick ramming into a naive little girl? Orcs, trolls, spider-like beings, furry beasts - if you have a taste for the unorthodox, you will love pumping your cock to any number of these scenarios. Don’t miss out on the one where a gladiator babe in skimpy armor is fucked by a wolf right in the center of the arena.

In these fantasy settings, tentacles and robots are also valid fuck buddies. Girls are filled in all holes at the same time, fucked within an inch of their life, and the best part is that you get to control all of that with your mouse.


On the landing page of 3D Sex Games, you will be asked a series of questions. These will be about your age, gender, what type of partners you prefer. You will be asked about your kinks and what sex you enjoy the most, as well as whether or not you’re okay with elements of domination and female submission.

This customization aspect is more than welcome. Even though you will have full access to all 3D Sex Games, it is helpful to have the ones most suited to your tastes at the very top of the collection. This means that, once you enter the site proper, you will be welcomed with titles carefully picked out for you, and you can start jerking off right away.

So, what are you waiting for? From where we’re sitting, the 3D Sex Games has no flaws to it. The games are varied in terms of gameplay and fetishes, and you will easily find exactly the type of porn you like to get off to.

Sit back, choose the first title you’ll dive into, and spend an unforgettable time playing 3D Sex Games!

Review Pros

  • Realistic 3D
  • High Definition
  • Great Details
  • Tame Kinks
  • Hardcore Kinks

Review Cons

  • No Cons

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